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Fisheries Management

Conservation in action

In this section, we will learn about marine protected areas, catch size limits and how these management methods will benefit the people of the Maldives.

We must also protect fish stocks by adhering to size limits. This allows fish to grow large and reproduce to replenish our fishing grounds. Fishers should always try to measure their catch against a reference point on their hand or arm before landing it. Keeping the fish in the water when measuring increases the likelihood of this protected or undersized fish surviving to fight another day.

In extreme cases, a temporary suspension in fishing of a certain stock may be imposed. This is called a fishing moratorium and it protects species that are particularly vulnerable or have been exploited for many years.

Make sure to study the size limit list below before completing the quiz! It is important to note that these lists can change over time and depending on your location, so make sure to check regularly.

Marine Reserves

Recommended Landing Sizes

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Module 4 – Fisheries Management
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What is a no-take zone?